Delft Blue by Me

After five successful years Delft Blue by Me stopped producing custom Royal Delftware in October 2015.

From 2010 to 2015 visitors to Delft could create their own Delft Blue souvenirs with the Delft Blue By Me in 4 easy steps. From taking a self-portrait picture to purchasing plates, tiles, cards or e-cards takes just a few minutes. The Delft Blue By Me  was found in the beautiful city of Delft at Royal Delft and the Tourist Information Point.

Delft Blue By Me was created for Royal Delft and Delft Marketing by Hoog+Diep.

  • plate
  • tile
  • postcard
  • e-card

Thank you to all visitors who created their custom souvenirs at:

Royal Delft

The Koninklijke Delftsch Aardewerkfabriek [Royal Delft Pottery] “De Porceleyne Fles Anno 1653” N.V. (Royal Delft) is the leading producer of authentic Delft Blue ornamental earthenware and modern earthenware. The company is not only active as a knowledge centre for ceramics but also receives over 140,000 visitors annually from all over the world who come to view the traditional production process of Delft earthenware.

Tourist Information Point

Whether you are looking for information about sights, events, attractions, accommodation, meals out or nightlife in Delft, TIP will be able to help you. TIP is also the place for cycle routemaps in and around Delft and for themed city walks, such as walks centred on Vermeer, Delft history, the Dutch royal family or Delft painters, authors and scientist.

Personal Delftware in 4 easy steps

1. Take a picture

Smile and press the button on the Delft Blue By Me to take a nice picture of yourself.

This picture is turned into an example Delftware plate on the Delft Blue By Me.

You can select your favorite decorative border to be used on the plate.


2. View the products

The example plate can be turned into 4  different products by the Delft Blue By Me:

- a ceramic plate
- a ceramic tile
- 4 different postcards
- an e-card

Have a look at the products before you decide which ones to buy.


3. Purchase

Select your favorite products and pay by credit or debit card on the Delft Blue By Me.


4. Receive products

The postcards are printed instantly by the Delft Blue By Me to be taken with you.

Plates and tiles are send to you by mail after manufacturing.



Official launch Delft Blue by me

Friday, 21st October 2011

On Monday the 24th of October, the three Delft Blue by me’s will be officially launched.  Special guest Mayor Bas Verkerk of Delft will receive the first plate from Marjon Verhoeven, managing director Delft Marketing and Henk Schouten, CEO Royal Delft groep.


Customer Service

If you have any questions regarding the products you purchased on the Delft Blue By Me you can contact:

Royal Delft
Tel: +31(0)15 251 20 30
Rotterdamseweg 196
the Netherlands


Toeristen Informatie Punt Delft
Tel: +31(0)15 215 40 51
Hippolytusbuurt 4
the Netherlands


For press info including high resolution images, please contact:

More information about Delft Blue By Me

Delft Blue By Me is designed and developed by Hoog+Diep for Royal Delft and Delft Marketing.

Before the current version a very successful prototype version ran for 1.5 years at the Tourist Information Center. The prototype allowed users to create Delftware plate selfportrait and send them to the Delft Blue By Me Flickr site. It’s users created over 20.000 pictures (after editing), which were viewed more than 50.000 times. You can still view these image here.